"In all science error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last."
- Walpole

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TruthMapping is a tool that addresses the most common problems in argumentation:

- It prevents digression by making the argument the context which can not be escaped; the information flow is always toward the argument unlike standard methods such as conversation, message boards and e-mail.

- It saves you time because others can not bury your contribution through repetitive posting.

- It is a content-rich view of a topic because only the true disagreements are visible by default.

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Some recent TruthMapping topics:

Topic/Category # Agree Published
La charte des valeurs devrait être adoptée.
Politics > Political Theory
1 January 31, 2014
La charte des valeurs ne devrait pas être adoptée
0 January 31, 2014
History of Computing in Learning and Education
1 January 12, 2014
Formation and Composition of the Universe
Science > Astrophysics
1 December 9, 2013
Formation of the Sun
Science > Astrophysics
1 December 7, 2013
Justified Taxation
Politics > Tax Policy
2 August 28, 2013
Gay Sex, Human Nature & Benefits
Social Issues
1 February 10, 2013
Defining "Immoral"
Religion > Morality
1 February 8, 2013
Hitler makes a better moral authority than nature.
Philosophy > Ethics
1 January 10, 2013
Appeal To Popularity & Democracy
1 December 23, 2012
Gay Sex is Natural
Social Issues > Homosexuality
2 December 19, 2012
Artificial Agents Are (By Default) Unfriendly
Science > Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
1 December 18, 2012
Challenging the "X is Unnatural" Argument
Philosophy > Ethics
1 August 2, 2012
1 July 28, 2012
Morality does not require religion
Religion > Morality
2 July 26, 2012

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